Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vendors - June 2010

El Jardin Bakery
-bread, pastries

Farmacy Gardens

Hartley Plants
-ornamental plants

Leyden Glen Lamb
-lamb meat

Owl Acres Alpaca
-alpaca wool & products

Park Hill Orchard
-flowers, fruits, vegetables

Parker Sugar House
-maple syrup and maple candy

Peterman Baskets & Bowls
-made from "found" wood

Shady Pine Farm
-grass fed beef & pork
-chicken and eggs

Zawadski Farm
-herb teas, botanical body products

Monday, July 6, 2009

words of wisdom

"Every new farmers' market is a small step in [the right] direction. It requires new connections between the people who came together to found it, the farmers who come in from the country to meet their suburban and urban customers, the customers who emerge from the supermarket trance to meet their neighbors. The market begins to build a different reality, one that uses less oil and is therefore less vulnerable to the end of cheap energy. But, more important, the new reality responds to all the parts of who we are, including the parts that crave connection. One-tenth the energy, ten times the conversations-that's an equation worth contemplating." - Bill McKibben, Deep Economy

Saturday, June 20, 2009


As of September 15, 2009

El Jardin Bakery
- bread, cookies

Park Hill Orchard
- fruit, veggies, flowers

Parker's Sugar House
- maple syrup and maple candy

Leyden Glen Lamb
- lamb meat

Lamoureux Lands
- plants and organic compost

Owl Acres Alpaca
- Alpaca wool

Farmacy Gardens
- vegetables, flowers, herbs

Shady Pine Farm
- antibiotic- and hormone-free, grass fed beef and pork

Spencer [Peterman Baskets & Bowls]
- wood bowls and boards hand-crafted from local wood